A series of pandemic-related collages made during the second half of 2020 when the world was exhausted
with not being able to lead normal lives. For me, wearing a mask and keeping myself and others safe wasn’t a problem,
but I was feeling trapped and used my work as a pathway to travel outside my house and country, or even
just to the grocery store to squeeze some produce. This need manifested itself via fruit, flowers, vegetables,
cityscapes, maps and historical images. In order not to disintegrate during lockdown, I collaged an alternate narrative
where I could move around freely and converse with the cities I’ve lived in, visited and loved.
A Room Of Her Own
Pandemic postcard, collage on board, 4"x6". Using an elegant alter ego, I travel Europe, walking the streets, drinking coffee
and reading newspapers at tiny tables in cafés, writing postcards to those still in lockdown back home.
The Monster
Pandemic postcard, collage on board, 4"x6". Hurling an invective at the pandemic, I escape to a happier, more colourful place.
I walk a path out my front door via my imagination.
Dress For Success
Pandemic postcard, collage on board, 4"x6". By this point, it has been months since I’ve been able to do something as simple
as put on lipstick and go out. The one time I stupidly did, I smeared lipstick all over the inside of my mask and face.
Sometimes I forget the realities of this new world. This work was a result of my need to recognize that so many have had it
so much harder than I now and in the past.
Bicycle Race
Pandemic postcard, collage and ink on board, 4"x6". Escape, escape, escape! Just one day at the beach with a friend, to jump on a plane
and fly somewhere, to go to a restaurant and hold a menu. Again, though, there’s the reminder that so many have had it so much worse,
although some days that doesn’t stop the hopelessness from descending.
Blood Orange Marilyn
Pandemic postcard, collage on board, 4"x6". A dreamlike jaunt to streets where people converge mask-free,
move amongst one another without restrictions, enjoying bittersweet gatherings with new friends which ‘embody the most
beautiful dream of a moment in the world.’ (Marcel Duchamp)  NFS
Equitable Tomato
Pandemic postcard, collage on board, 4"x6". A cerebral return to the Europe of a more elegant, refined time, spending time
in my old neighbourhood in Prague, the canals of St. Petersburg, joining the Queen at her royal residence.
Terrific Blitz
Pandemic postcard, collage on board, 4"x6". Travelling backward to contemplate that, if even WWII with all its death
and destruction can come to an end finally in spite of ‘Corporal Shickelgruber,’ humanity can certainly make it through a pandemic.
Station to Station
Pandemic postcard, collage on board, 4"x6". In this composition, I take a trip to many of the cities I love: going shopping in Prague,
travelling via train through Germany, sitting in a café in London, being able to spend time in a crowd safely again.
Should I Believe That I've Been Stricken
Pandemic postcard, collage on board, 4"x6". A literally surreal take on life under lockdown, how staying at home
for months on end makes me feel like a suburban housewife as I watch the world go by via screen.
But my counterpart holds on to hope for the future via a single red rose.
It's Too Late To Be Grateful
Pandemic postcard, collage on board, 4"x6". An observation on the lack of touch during the pandemic – not being able
to touch each other, not being able to squeeze the produce at the grocery store. A detached narration on our need to
reach out and touch someone.